Varahvontta Sahharein poika JamanenAge: 50 years18001850

Varahvontta Sahharein poika Jamanen
Given names
Varahvontta Sahharein poika
Birth about 1800

Birth of a son
Poavila Ferapontovits Sergejeff
1815 (Age 15 years)
Birth of a son
Triihvo Varahvonttan poika Sergejeff
about 1817 (Age 17 years)

Death about 1850 (Age 50 years)

Varahvonta is the famous Rune singer that was interviewed and recorded (in script) by Lönnrot (26th 28th April, 1835). He was known by the house name, Jamenen. There is much written about him - in both English but mainly in Finnish. A website that concentrates on these singers is This site is in both languages, so there will be no excuse for avoiding it. The information about his father and grandfather is from Viimeiset Runonlaulajat by Martti Haavio, p.72. This book (in Finnish) has almost a complete chapter about Varahvonta and his two sons, Pavel and Triihvo, and contains pictures of the sons, the villages etc. I have obtained permission from the National Board of Antiquities/Archives for Prints and Photographs of the National Museum of Finland Helsinki to reproduce three photos of the sons, and to publish them on this website only. Please look - but do not reproduce.