Edward Worsley + Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Rankin

8 children
Margaret as childMargaret Worsley
Birth: February 4, 1919 47 43Lancs LiverpoolWest Derby (Eastern)
Death: August 4, 1996Lancs Liverpool

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Marriage September 9, 1895
Source: PRO
Publication: Public Record Office
Citation details: Sept Quarter 1895 8b 777 W derby
Witnesses: James Jones and Annie Carmichael
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As the fathers of both Edward and Molly were regulars at St Peters, it seems likely that this is where the two met. The story goes that Mollie's parents (one or the other or both) did not agree with her match with Edward. They kept the marriage secret until he had found a home for them to move to. Mollie's mother followed home and cursed them, kneeling outside on the step. Mollie was around 19 at the time, and if indeed her mother was so against the match, then Mollie must have had permission from her father - else the wedding could not have taken place. Yet, the census of 1901 gives them living together, with Mollie's mother as the head of the family. So, whatever the earlier argument, circumstances had changed. We guess that after Edward's return to work, the family may have moved out again, perhaps to Clyde Road. Later, the older woman may have joined them close to her death. Mollie was very sad that she was unable to cope with the last days of her mother's illness, and the mother died in a workhouse. JM